We're opening the doors for school groups to visit Smart Factory Expo on the afternoon of 14 November, from 13:30-16:00. School staff will need to register and complete the student group form; we will not be collecting and process data from the students.
-    Get hands-on and control a hazardous materials robot arm!
-    Immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality simulation as you test a car round Silverstone race track!
-    Factory in a Box: see a complete miniaturised factory, using the latest technologies, in a shipping container!
-    An hour of carefully curated speakers (2.30-3.30pm) featuring careers advice and Q&A
-    150+ of the world’s biggest tech companies showcasing their vision of the future of manufacturing
-    57 manufacturing technology start-ups – sharing their enthusiasm for creating solutions
-    British Manufacturing Showcase: Be amazed at the variety and achievements of the UK’s industrial achievement!
-    All part of Digital Manufacturing Week – a national festival of advanced manufacturing, based in Liverpool


Digital technologies are impacting every aspect of manufacturing operations – linking together people, processes and products and transforming business outcomes. This ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ plays to the UK's strengths – with a strong position in advanced manufacturing, and a world-class high technology sector.

Smart Factory Expo is where this all comes together in an exciting combination of ‘show and tell’ – with pitch clinics, exhibition floor presentations, networking events, drop-in advisory clinics, and the country’s largest gathering of digital manufacturing exhibitors.
This year’s exhibition is
25% bigger than 2018 – with a continued focus on the future of UK manufacturing, and the emerging technologies and skills required to support what is described variously as ‘Industry 4.0’ or the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (4IR). 

Organised by The Manufacturer magazine, we have a longstanding commitment to supporting the promotion of manufacturing as a great career option to students – through our support of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and industrial apprenticeships in general.


We are again putting together a programme of presentations designed for a student audience, to showcase the breadth of modern manufacturing – and the many different career paths available. These presentations will run from 14:30-15:30, and feature senior executives and manufacturing apprentices sharing details of their career choices and answering questions from students. 
This is in addition to the following show features designed to appeal to a student audience:

FACTORY IN A BOX: A rapidly-deployable facility, the Factory in a Box (FIAB) can fast-track products to market by using advanced digital technologies and automation across its supply chain network. This shipping container-sized solution offers manufacturers more flexibility, being able to globally deploy, and remotely control, production. The fully automated facility is a world-first, improving scalability, quality of production and opening new global markets.

KINEMATIC SIMULATION RACING CAR: See our Kinematic Simulation of the BAC Mono car driving around a virtual Silverstone race track and virtually test the mechanical behaviour of the car’s chassis and suspension whilst subjected to different loads experienced during manoeuvres around the track. This will be visualised using Augmented Reality directly on the BAC Mono vehicle present on the stand.

REacHER: Become one with automation using the REacHER, a fully interactive demonstrator encompassing virtual reality. The human interface uses a joystick-style control with surgical level haptic feedback, enabling remote control of a robotic arm. Seated in front of multiple screens, the user can remotely move and operate the robot. Additional displays provide analysis in real-time, allowing full user immersion.

SMART FACTORY EXPO: eight clearly-signposted zones that focus the conversation on the building blocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Digital Transformation, Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Industrial Data, Manufacturing Innovation, Future Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Smart Factory. 

INNOVATION ALLEY: Where 57 of the UK’s hottest manufacturing tech start-ups lift the lid on the future of British manufacturing! 

BEST OF BRITISH MANUFACTURING SHOWCASE: The Best of British Manufacturing Showcase is a celebration of domestic manufacturing, and perhaps a much-needed reminder for non-manufacturers of the country’s contribution to the man-made environment – and the wealth that the sector generates for the economy!

TOP 100: Pick up your publication of this year's Top 100 in UK Manufacturing, revealed the day before and read all about the inspiring new generation and the biggest industry role models.

TMMX AWARDS: Almost 50 of Britain’s top manufacturing companies have made it through to the finals of the UK’s largest and most rigorous industry awards programme, with categories including Young Manufacturer of the Year - recognising young talent and giving prestigious recognition.


We look forward to inspiring students to pursue a career within the UK manufacturing sector!
Contact our team to apply for a school group slot:

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