Graham Cooper
Operations and Manufacturing Director, Agfa Graphics


Graham Cooper has worked his whole career in the Lithographic plate manufacturing business. As a Senior Research Scientist for Vickers Howson-Algraphy he worked on the development of new products and production processes. For DuPont he worked in a production technical support role introducing best practice techniques in quality improvement before moving into production management to develop T.P.M. and High Performance Work Teams. For Agfa he was Production Operations Manager before becoming the Agfa Graphics Leeds Plant Manager in 2005. Changes in the production route mean that since 2005 the Leeds plant has had to focus on process measurement and control instead of end product testing. This, in turn, has led to great advances in the development of visual management of process data and the understanding of process interactions dramatically improving process yields. In an energy-intensive process, energy modelling has led to significant improvements in efficiency.
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