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Smart Factory Expo - Manufacturing Innovation
Smart Factory Expo - Digital Transformation
Smart Factory Expo - Supply Chain and Logistics
Smart Factory Expo - Industrial Data and Cybersecurity
Smart Factory Expo - Industrial Automation
Smart Factory Expo - Internet of Things
Smart Factory Expo - Future Manufacturing
Smart Factory Expo - Smart Factory
Institute for Manufacturing Workshops
Manufacturing Leaders' Summit
Marketing to Manufacturers Night Summit
Fiona Anderson
Neil Anderson
Managing Director
Nicky Athanassopoulou
Senior Industrial Fellow
IfM Education and Consultancy Services
Nicky Athanassopoulou
Head of Solution Department
Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge
Gerard Bartley
Global Master Data Manager
Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Sarah Black-Smith
Head of Factory Operations
Vaibhav Boricha
Technical Planning
BMW (UK) Manufacturing Ltd
Brian Brurud
Founder & CEO
Matt Cadieux
Chief Information Officer
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Andrew Carr
Chief Engineer Torpedos
BAE Systems
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