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Digital Manufacturing Week

Diversity and Inclusion

In an industry that is still male dominated, bias still exists – conscious or otherwise and, at The Manufacturer, we feel it is vitally important to promote women in the sector and raise their profile (crucially, in partnership with the men of manufacturing), when they are still hugely under-represented.

Therefore, we are aiming for our speaker line up at our two summits, Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit and SME Growth Summit, to be as diverse as possible – gender, ethnicity, age, ability – physical or neuro, and sexual orientation. In particular, we are aiming for our speaker line up to be 50% female. View the speaker lineup for Manufacturing Leaders' Summit and SME Growth Summit to see how we are doing.

If you are interested in hearing more about why diversity and inclusion is so important to us at The Manufacturer and within the manufacturing sector in general, please read this article.