11 November 2020
Exhibition Centre Liverpool
Digital technologies are disrupting every aspect of manufacturing, and operational excellence is no exception. Advanced sensors allow for detailed process knowledge to be generated, and complex analytics technologies allow us to find deeper actionable insights within that data. Increasing levels of automation hold the potential to completely upheave traditional improvement techniques. Simulations and augmented reality allow us to bridge the digital and physical worlds, allowing us to make decisions and act faster and with better accuracy.
Download the Keynote presentations from this years' Operational Excellence Academy. Please note these presentations are password protected and intended for the use of Operational Excellence Attendees.

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Efficiency. Effectiveness. Execution.

Beyond new technologies, the current digital revolution presents still more challenges and opportunities. Customers demand increasingly high quality and customised products on a very short time scale, forcing manufacturers to step up their game. An increasingly innovative and digital-savvy workforce can, if leveraged correctly, unlock huge gains in productivity and efficiency. New emerging business models promise to transform our operations entirely.
Identify and map value streams, cut inefficiency and build a self-sustaining commitment to world class manufacturing within your team. 
A one-day summit bringing together operational excellence and continuous improvement professionals from across UK manufacturing to rethink the status quo. Through a mix of thought-leading keynotes and expertly-led roundtable discussions, we’ll be tackling the most important issues through three key streams: Culture, Process & Quality, and Waste.
3 Thematic Streams
9 Critical Roundtable Topics
70+ Operations Professionals

Smart Factory Expo and Operational Excellence Academy are part of Digital Manufacturing Week - an annual celebration of UK manufacturing that brings together technology, finance and advanced manufacturing - in Liverpool City Region, the UK’s biggest advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

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