Sustainable Growth Through Digitalisation

10 - 11 November I Liverpool

World-class, case-study driven content delivered by best-in-class manufacturing speakers from around the globe. Over the 2 days we will be covering key strategic, business and technical challenges across the manufacturing eco-system – with maximum opportunity to network, debate and engage with your peers. The Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit is the go-to event for 2021. 

What does the future of your manufacturing business look like?

Speaker highlight: Henrik von Scheel, Originator of Industry 4.0

The world has changed, and so too must manufacturing 

Supply chain resilience, robotics and process automation, AI, innovation, sustainabilitychanging markets, remote working  there are a multitude of areas that manufacturers can focus on to seize competitive advantage in an unprecedented era. 

Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit aims to inform manufacturers on how to develop their business models in a practical manner. The event brings together leading professionals to share their experience and knowledge on making the most of the challenges we face and the opportunities that exist to ensure the future growth of manufacturing. 

Learn how to drive innovation, which technologies to deploy … where to head next. 

Who should attend?

Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit is for all senior professionals responsible for the development of manufacturing businesses including data, technology and innovation, or those looking for new ideas to bring into their business model.

From CEOs to Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain VPs, Directors and Managers, and decision makers at every level, this practical, how-to educational programme will show you where the gaps are that you can exploit, and, more importantly, how you can exploit them. Our expert speakers and discussion leaders will talk you through the steps required to transform and futureproof your manufacturing business for the next decade.

To ensure a diverse cross-section of industry ideas and viewpoints, the 500 top-tier attendees are drawn from across a range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, defence, electronics, pharma and food.

The round tables worked really well, allowing us to interact with a lot of companies we work with. It’s been an opportunity for me to share our issues - many of them resonate with those companies. And I’ve also discovered ideas that we can take back in house and share.

Managing Director, Caterpillar Skinningrove

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