Industry 4.0 Masterclass:
Move beyond the hype to build a smart Connect Factory 

Henrik von Scheel
14 November
The epicenter of the Industry 4.0 revolution is manufacturing. We entered the 2nd wave of the Industry 4.0, that radically reshape the way manufacturers beyond recognition. Get the latest Smart Factory insight from the originator and define your own roadmap on how to responds. 

Henrik von Scheel developed Germany’s ‘Digital Agenda’ – a national masterplan that was a springboard for the country to initiate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and which was subsequently adopted by the EU. Who better to explain the genesis of the term that continues to frame any discussion about the future of manufacturing?

​​​​​​14 November, 2019
9am - 5pm

Meeting room 22,
Exhibition Centre Liverpool

“One of the pre-eminent strategic advisor of his generation.”
"The leading authority on strategy and competitiveness."

► Get the latest actionable insight on Industry 4.
► Discover how to apply the 4.0 topics
► Navigate the challenges! Act on opportunities to grow, compete and perform
► Inspect the strategic options and define where and how to realize it in operational settings.
► Outline your own roadmap to grow, achieve competitiveness or operational excellence
► Explore the battle-tested management practices

Turn disruption to advantage to Grow and Productivity   
Smart Factory requires to rethink the core differentiation. Differentiation is what you do, every day, through repeatable activities to serve your customers better than the competition. Turning disruption to an advantage for sustainable profitable growth in a highly competitive, better operations in a low-interest-rate environment and serve an aging population.   

The 2nd wave introduces a new era of Operational Excellence that transforms the design, manufacturing, operation, service of products, and production systems. Connectivity and interactions among parts, machines and humans will make production systems as much as 35% faster and 30% more efficient and elevate mass customization to new levels.



Get an executive's guide from the originator of the 4th Industrial Revolution

- Understand the underlying disruptive forces and drivers of the paradigm shift 
- Gain the latest insights on the Industry 4.0 wave: 
► 1st wave (2009-2016): Digitalisation, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Robotics and Cloud Computing, 3D Printing and Augmented Reality
► 2nd wave (2016-2025): Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Automation, Future of Energy, 5G and 6G Communications and Autonomous Systems
► 3rd wave (2025 - ...): Cybersecurity, Quantum Technology, Neurotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics and Advanced Material
- Understand the underlying disruptive forces and drivers of the paradigm shift 
- Explore the next era of Operational Excellence, Supply Chain 4.0 and Smart Automation
- Map out the challenges, opportunities and how to respond
- Discover the latest management principles, techniques and tools on how to apply it 
- Outline your own roadmap to deliver business value

You will leave the Masterclass with an initial Smart Factory roadmap and the knowledge of how to respond to the opportunities, and to detect where to transform and when to innovate.
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