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Company Overview

Sorion has over 28 years of experience in implementing process control and electrical test technologies in production environments.
Pioneers in the field of what is now called Industry 4.0, Sorion's end-to-end assembly, test and reporting solutions are helping manufacturers across the globe to improve efficiencies, reduce errors and remain competitive in the world of smart factorie

Sorion Electronics can provide solutions for:
  • Assembly Line Process Control and Operator Guidance
  • Test & Inspection and Quality Traceability & Reporting
  • Ruggedised Test Connectors
  • Electrical Assembly Aids with CAN & LIN capability
Their equipment is used in the production of billions of dollars worth of vehicles every month.

Visit us at Smart Factory Expo to learn how manufacturing businesses can maximise the potential of shop floor guided assembly, end-of-line electrical testing and how they can fully utilise build data to remain competitive in the world of connected manufacturing and smart factories.