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Company Overview

OEEsystems are manufacturing people at heart. Backed by 20+ years’ focused OEE experience, our best-in-class, OpEx OEE software and expertise supports a worldwide community of thousands of users from Southampton to Seattle to Shanghai.

Together we help you to decide what needs to be measured across all key production processes (discrete, bulk, and continuous). We then collect and analyse the data automatically, in real-time. Our “whole-story / one-version” data can be presented to suit individual role requirements with fully-customisable, intuitive, reports and dashboards. Identifying the root causes of the most important lost business opportunities, you can prioritise and ensure you are always working on the right issue.

Continuous monitoring ensures gains are locked in, driving return on investment higher and faster, while our experience helps you implement the necessary culture change to truly empower your teams. Our modular system and functionality future-proofs your journey towards the SMART Factory, ask about our OEE Software Trial facility today.