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Company Overview

The Imagination Factory is a product design and creative engineering agency based in West London.

We are a product design studio that turns ideas into a commercial reality. 
At Smart Factory Expo this year we are exhibiting our prototype solution for a light-weight, low power heads-up display for use in factories.

We create, make and test ideas in our London studio, solving problems using our in-house 'human centred design' expertise and in partnership with our network of specialists.

We are passionate about science, invention and problem solving, so our team of designers & engineers brings with them a wealth of in-house knowledge.  

This gives you the competitive edge when developing your product whether it involves technical, mechanical or material challenges.

Today’s innovation challenges require collaboration between many people with varied skill-sets.  

We have become experts at partnering with a wide range of professionals from commercial, academic and creative backgrounds. 

Team Members

Katy Brooks