# Manufacturing Innovation Zone

Company Overview

Digital manufacturing is a game changer for the industry. Now, you can de-risk your workspace and protect your workers with detailed virtual reality training in a replica of your factory floor, or by sharing expertise across locations through augmented reality instruction. You can make your production lines more accurate with higher throughputs by incorporating automated machinery. And you can get better, more accurate data on your components by feeding detailed metrology into 3D models of each part.

You may not think that your firm can have access to these new and constantly changing technologies, nor the expertise to include them in your process. That's where we step in.

The High Value Manufacturing Catapult provides open access to world-class innovation capability and technical expertise, enabling companies to embrace different ways of working, adopt new technologies and achieve step-change in their performance. We can work with you to build a better future for your firm and the wider economy.
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