# Smart Factory Zone

Company Overview

Blackinetix is a dynamic tech startup focused on innovation in the industrial sectors, especially suited for companies wishing to use of Big Data, integrate IT structure and supply chain and create new product-service systems with security in mind.

We provide complete IoT solutions using Cloud, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence via Reactive, Mobile and Immersive Web (AR/VR).
All these technologies are fused together into our bespoke Smart IoT Platform suited to a range of scenarios including Smart Factories, Energy Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Connected Vehicles, Smart Ships, Smart Cities, E-Health and more.

We believe that Industry 4.0 adoption must take place step by step, starting from pilot projects to test the new business models and evaluate the benefits.
Blackinetix aims at becoming a major driver for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, helping to grow companies of any size, especially SMEs.
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