# Innovation Alley

Company Overview

Collaborative Robotics; market size $1bn and growing at 50%. Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing; market size $1bn and growing at 25%. Metal Additive Manufacturing; an industry worth $3bn and growing at 80%, one of the fastest growing areas in engineering. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. Welcome to Additive Automations. We design, make and create using these technologies and what sets us apart, is that we put people and the Earth at the center of our solutions; the technology must adapt to us, we should not have to adapt to it.

We are developing state of the art technology to eliminate the negative secondary effects of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) so AM can change the world and not harm people in the process.
Our product portfolio includes end-of-arm tooling hardware coupled with intelligent control software and GUI that will enable humans with little robotic knowledge to work hand-in-hand with collaborative robots.

We are working with 3 world-leading international project partners, are co-funded by Innovate UK & NRC Canada, we expect to go to market by 2022 and are based in Bristol, UK.
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