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Smart Factory Expo


Your Smart Factory Expo To Do List

The Exhibitor Manual A-Z

Access Hours

Access to ACC Liverpool is restricted to the hours shown in the Exhibition Timetable.

During the build-up and break-down periods although vehicles will be admitted to the site, they will be held in the traffic marshalling area and will not be allowed access until the hall opens at 0800 hrs.

Please ensure that your contractors are aware of these arrangements. Permission for earlier access, in exceptional circumstances only, may be granted at the discretion of the organisers and the ACC Liverpool and any charges levied will be passed on to the exhibitor. Please contact the organisers in the first instance.

In particular, please note that should you or your contractor require late working, we must be contacted before 1400 hrs on the relevant day. During the exhibition open


We are pleased to provide you with a free accommodation booking service through Liverpool Convention Bureau. This is a flexible service which allows you to book accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Special rates have been negotiated at a number of hotels close to the conference venue.

For more information: https://book.passkey.com/go/DMW2022

As rooms and rates are guaranteed until 3rd October 2022 it is advisable to book accommodation early. After this date it may not be possible to book rooms at special rates for selected hotels. If you wish to make a group booking, or you are experiencing any difficulties in completing your booking online, please contact the Liverpool Convention Bureau team at accommodation@marketingliverpool.co.uk

The exclusive rates are only available when booked via Liverpool Convention Bureau.

Audio Visual

ACC Liverpool have been appointed as the official Audio-visual contractor for the exhibition.

If you require any equipment for hire during the show, please contact ACC Liverpool or use the Order Form that can be found in the Forms sections of this manual.

Tel: +44 (0) 151 239 6001
Email: businesscentre@accliverpool.com

Event ID: 30581

Balloons & Inflatables

Use of helium or balloon gas filled balloons must be agreed in writing with the venue prior to the event.
• Gas-filled balloons must be adequately secured to the stand. Charges will be levied for any costs incurred for repairing damage to the air handling units within the halls due to gas-filled balloons being drawn into the units and for removing balloons from the roof structures.
• Balloons must be positioned at a height no greater than 4m from the hall floor to the top of the balloon.
• Balloons can hang only over your own stand.
• All helium gas cylinders must be removed from the halls once the balloons have been filled and the use of flammable gases is not permitted.
• A plan must be submitted to the organisers detailing location, height and method of attachment.

If you wish to use balloons or inflatables as part of your stand please contact Maelstrom Event Solutions on
Tel: +44(0)1743 606744
Email: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk


Please refer to Exhibition Timetable.

Removal of exhibits and displays commences after the exhibition has closed and all visitors have left the exhibition hall. Under no circumstances may any goods be removed or packed away from your stand before this time. Trolleys must not be used until the hall is clear of visitors, and please note that contractors will not be permitted into the halls until the visitors have left. In the interests of safety, exhibitors are asked to not continue with hospitality on their stands after the show closes.

Electrical power to stands will be switched off 30 minutes after the show closes.

Please note: Traffic around the halls will be particularly busy during the first evening of breakdown.

We strongly advise you not leave any items unattended on your stand. The Organisers and ACC Liverpool cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage. We strongly advise that you have adequate insurance.

If you are leaving items on your stand to be collected by couriers, you must notify the organiser's office and supply a contact telephone number for both the courier company and a representative of your organisation.


The timetable for build-up is given under Exhibition Timetable. It is important that you contact us if you foresee any problems keeping to this schedule.

Exhibitors are requested to report to the Gatehouse at Loading Bay 3, via Half Tide Wharf. At the Gatehouse you will be required to sign in and will be given a Vehicle I.D form which needs to be
completed and displayed in the vehicle’s windscreen.

You will then be advised to move to either the holding area or to a relevant loading zone to unload your vehicle.

If advised to move onto the holding area, the traffic management team will park vehicles in this
space according to the order of vehicles - I.D’s are allocated on a first come first served basis. When instructed by a member of the traffic team vehicles will then be guided to the relevant loading zone for unloading.

Please note Loading Bay 3 is uncovered and therefore there is no height limit. The speed limit is 5mph. You are required to unload your vehicle within a 30 minute period for small cars and vans and 1 hour for larger vehicles.

All exhibitors should bring their own trolleys. Alternatively, book a forklift for the transfer of materials through Exhibit3Sixty – please refer to the relevant form at the rear of this manual. Please advise couriers to bring their own trolleys.

All stands must be finished by 20.00 on Tuesday 15th November to allow time for the venue cleaning staff to clear the aisles of rubbish.

Car Parking

Liverpool Convention Bureau have teamed up with Q Parks to offer 10% off parking across 6 different locations in the city centre. The information has also been uploaded to the delegate booking website.

Discount code: MEETLIV10


Carpet / Floor Covering

The official carpet contractor for the show is Exhibt3Sixty

All shell scheme stands are provided with charcoal carpet.

Space only sites are NOT carpeted by the Organisers but the provision of carpet is compulsory on every stand. Exhibitors who wish to lay carpet may use their own supplier or contact Exhibt3Sixty on
Tel: +44 (0) 845 527 8140
Email: sales@exhibit3sixty.co.uk

Only exhibition type approved carpet tape may be used and the cost for removing any carpet tape left on the floor at the end of breakdown will be passed directly to the exhibitor concerned. Please note that all 'space only' exhibitors are responsible for the removal of any carpet supplied to them.


Centreplate are the sole stand catering contractor at the venue and, as such, catering requirements must be purchased from them.

Enquiries can be made via your dedicated Catering Account Manager who will work with you to create an offer exclusive to your needs:

Samantha Ellison
Tel: +44 (0) 151 707 4003
Email: samantha.ellison@sodexo.com
Web: http://orderonline.accliverpool.com/selectsop/
Event ID: 30581


No person under the age of 16 will be admitted to the venue during the build-up or break down. This rule applies to exhibitors’ and contractors’ children. Please ensure your staff and contractors are aware of this rule.


For additional stand cleaning please order via the on-line ordering:
Web: http://orderonline.accliverpool.com/selectsop/

Event ID: 30581

Common Areas

All common areas must be kept unobstructed at all times. Contractors, exhibitors, their staff and agents must keep ALL common areas clear whilst building or dismantling stands, exhibits etc. All exhibits must be kept within the confines of the stand space and demonstrations must not cause undue congestion and/or obstruction of common areas.

Contractor Passes

If you are using a stand build contractor, please fill out the Site Induction/Contractor Notification Form. This site induction is mandatory for everyone working onsite during the build-up and breakdown periods of the event.

Once completed we will have a record of your completion and your wristband will be issued on site upon your arrival. Please note that these wristbands are for these periods only and will not allow you entry into the hall during show opening times.

Delivery of Exhibits & Goods

All exhibits and materials must be delivered carriage paid, direct to the stand. The goods should be clearly labelled as follows:

Recipient Name
Smart Factory Expo 16-17 November 2022
Stand Name/Number
Loading Bay 3
Exhibition Centre Liverpool
Kings Dock
Liverpool Waterfront
L3 4FP

Exhibitors must ensure that a representative of their company is on-site to receive and sign for deliveries.

Please note, deliveries must not be made to the Centre prior to the tenancy. The Organisers and the venue are unable to accept responsibility for any goods delivered to stands that are unmanned and regret that they are unable to sign for goods, exhibits or other material on behalf of an exhibitor or contractor due to limited storage facilities.

If an exhibitor is unable to be on-site to receive deliveries the official freight forwarding company will take receipt of the goods for a charge. Please contact Exhibit3Sixty for further information.

The appointed official contractor is:

Tel: 02476 473 663
Email: logistics@exhibit3sixty.co.uk


You are reminded that you will be charged for making good any damage to the hall or stand area, including the floor, caused by your staff or contractors. Under no circumstances can stand construction, graphics, etc be attached to the fabric of the building.

Distribution of Literature

Distributing material such as printed or other cards, circulars or articles, is prohibited unless from your own stand. This includes the gangways surrounding your stand.

Electrical Packages & Services

Exhibit3Sixty are the official electrical contractor for this exhibition. Basic stand electrical packages
can be ordered via this link: https://www.exhibit3sixty.co.uk/order-electrical-equipment/  or alternatively please use the order form.

Electricity Supply Timetable

Electricity will be energised to stands as quickly as possible during the build-up period, subject to satisfactory inspection and testing of installations. Occasionally delays may occur due to the fact that adjoining stands are not complete and ready for inspection. During the full open days, power to stands will be from 08.00 each day until 30 minutes after the show closes. Any exhibitor needing electricity for the running down of machinery or working equipment etc. after the exhibition closes on the final day must inform the Organising Office of their requirements.

If you require power after the published build-up hours, you must notify the organiser’s office who can arrange this with the venue who will notify you of the charges.

Please remember to specify 24-hour electricity supply if this is required for refrigerators and/or computer equipment.

Equality Act 2010

Please note that all exhibitors are expected to comply with the Equality Act 2010 as far as is reasonably practical. For more information please follow this link: www.gov.uk/equality-act-2010-guidance.

In brief, exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that the design and construction of their stands provides for increased access for disabled people. This is not only about physical access to the stands for wheelchair users but also includes access to products and written information for people with visual impairments and access to the same standard of service for all other disabilities. However it is important to take account of health and safety legislation which has primacy over the disability regulations.

The Law
The Equality Act aims to ensure that disabled people are not treated less favourable by requiring that reasonable adjustments be made to enable disabled people to access the services on offer or that reasonable alternative means are provided; in the case of wheelchair access to a stand this could be achieved by the provision of a ramp but could equally be achieved by ensuring that assistance by suitably trained staff is available at all times.

Getting onto the stand
Exhibitors choosing to incorporate a ramp for wheelchair access must ensure that this complies fully with the requirements set out in this Manual.

Moving around the stand & accessing information
Information and products must be displayed in a position and at a height that can be reached by everyone and to ensure that people can move about the stand with ease; circulation areas between stand displays should be at least 1m wide; goods and products should be placed at a height between 650mm and 1060mm and information displayed at a height between 900mm and 1200mm; where any of these provisions are not possible staff on the stand must be proactive in assisting people to reach the information that they require.

Writing surfaces
The typical height of a counter top is between 1000 and 1200mm which provides very poor access to the writing surface for a range of disabled people; where possible provide a low level counter section at a height of 760mm with a clear 400mm horizontal depth below and a gently raised edge or provide a lightweight clipboard or lap tray for visitors to write on; sufficient lighting should be provided at the counter and this should not be positioned behind stand staff to avoid silhouetting their faces.

Different sizes, shapes and types of seating should be available since a seat that is too low or too high or has inappropriate armrests or side supports can have an impact on customer comfort; a variety of seating will accommodate those with differing mobility requirements. Seating arrangements must not obstruct access for wheelchair users or create trip hazards for people with visual impairments.

Flooring surfaces
No single floor finish is universally suitable for all disabled people but care should be taken in the choice of materials; flooring should be slip resistant even when wet, should not be highly glazed and should not create trip hazards at junctions of different materials; carpets should provide a firm surface to facilitate wheelchair passage and excessive use of underlay should be avoided.

Information and signage
The way that information is presented can impact significantly on the ease with which this can be accessed; signs must not create obstructions and glare from lighting should be avoided; avoid the use of high gloss finishes and internally illuminated signs; provide clear colour contrast between text and background and use upper and lower case text in preference to large blocks of upper case.

Colour Contrast
Colour contrast via usage of different colour tones will assist the visually impaired in accessing, moving and identifying exhibits. Reduction and prevention of reflective glare will ease stand accessibility.

Exhibition Timetable
Build-up Hall Open Schedule
Tuesday 15 November 0800-2000 Commence Space Only Construction

Access for Shell Scheme exhibitors & continuation of Space Only Construction

To facilitate the final preparation and cleaning of the hall prior to opening, all excess products and materials must be removed from the hall by 20.00.

Open Days Hall Open Show Open Hours
Wednesday 16 November 0800-1800 1000 - 1700
Thursday 17th November 0800 - 2100 0900 - 1600
Breakdown Hall Open Schedule
Thursday 17 November 1630 - 2100 Exhibition Breakdown

Please note that any items left in the halls after 2100 Thursday 17th November will be deemed as rubbish and thrown away. Please note a fee of around £500+VAT will be levied for the removal of discarded items and the exhibitor/contractor responsible for the rubbish will be charged accordingly.

Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor Badges will need to be ordered through Circdata Event Platform.

Fire Safety

Exhibitors must adhere to the Local Authority and Fire Brigade Regulations and any goods on your stand must be Class 1 (B.S. 476) fire retardant.

See also the Stand Fitting Regulations section withing this manual.

First Aid

First aiders will be on-site throughout your tenancy. If first aid is required, please tell your event manager or any venue steward. A member of the first aid team will come to help.

First Time Exhibiting

If this is your first time exhibiting, here are a few helpful hints. 

  • Take note of the deadlines within the exhibitor manual, especially for suppliers as there may be a surcharge for late orders. 
  • Ensure you have insurance and submitted proof to Maelstrom (our operations contractors) as you will not be allowed to exhibit without it.  info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk.
  • Ensure you complete and submit the Health & Safety and Risk Assessment forms to Maelstrom, details of which are found in the exhibitor manual, as you will not be allowed to exhibit without them.
  • Don’t forget to download the marketing assets from the Exhibitor Portal (choose ‘Marketing assets’ on the menu bar) to promote your presence at the show and get as many of your clients and prospects to come and see you as possible.
  • Tell us what you are exhibiting and share with us exciting news about your company. Fill in this form to showcase your wares and/or share your exhibition news for the chance to feature on the event news page and in our marketing activities.  
  • What is included in your stand: 
    • Shell – Shell scheme, fascia name board, 1 x 500w socket, 2 x spotlights and carpet are included.  You will need to order furniture through our recommended suppliers who are listed in the exhibitor manual. 
    • Open – space only.  You will need to order carpet, furniture and electrics through our recommended suppliers who are listed in the exhibitor manual.  Please note all space only stands must build walls on their closed sides.  Rules and regulations for stand build is included in the exhibitor manual. 
    • Innovation Alley Ledge – Ledge and fascia board are included. Please be aware there is not enough space for any furniture or additional branding such as roller banners. If you require electrics, you will need to order through our recommended supplier (NB! Ensure you request electrics for Made Smarter Innovation Alley as we have secured this for you at a special rate of £96). 
  • If you wish to provide food or beverages on your stand you will be required to pay corkage.  Please contact our event caterer who is listed in the exhibitor manual. 
  • Please note that deliveries will not be accepted until 15 November and all items must be removed from the venue by 21:00 on 17 November. 
  • For a list of FAQs please click here. 

 For any queries regarding exhibiting at Smart Factory Expo you have that our not answered within the exhibitor manual, please reach out to our operations contractors, Maelstrom Event Solutions, who will be happy to help: 

 Tel:  01743 606744 

 E- mail: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk

Floor Loading

If you have any queries regarding floor loading, please contact the operations team:

Tel: 01743 606 744

Email: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk


Freight Forwarding, Storage & Lifting

The Organisers have appointed Exhibit3Sixty as the official contractor. They will be happy to advise you on all aspects of transporting your goods to and from the show.

The order form can be found in the order formsection of this manual or you can contact Exhibit3Sixty:
Tel: 02476 473 663

Email: logistics@exhibit3sixty.co.uk


Furniture & Furniture Packages

Exhibit3Sixty have been appointed as the official furniture contractor for the event.
Basic stand furniture packages can be ordered via this link:

Any other furniture requirements can be ordered here: https://www.exhibit3sixty.co.uk/furniture-hire/



During the build-up and breakdown periods, Emergency Gangways will be in operation and must remain completely clear at all times.

During the open period under no circumstances must any part of a stand, furniture, or exhibits project beyond the boundary of the stand, with the exception of the Organisers' shell scheme fingerboard, which will project into the gangways.

Doors or windows must not open outwards onto gangways. All doors must have vision panels.

Exhibitors should not engage in any activity or employ any person or device that, in the opinion of the Organisers, tends to create unreasonable congestion in the gangways.


Maelstrom Event Solutions are the official graphic supplier for Smart Factory Expo.
For more information on our services & prices please see the brochure in the order form section of the manual.

Alternatively, please contact our graphics team:
Tel: +44(0) 1743 606 744

Email: graphics@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk


Health & Safety

Please view the Health & Safety documentation here.

Height Restrictions

Shell Scheme

We will be using the Octanorm system for the exhibition. This does not have a ceiling grid but exhibits should be kept within the wall height of 2400mm. Please refer to the shell scheme specification.


The height limit is a maximum of 4m.

Hi-Vis Policy

During build-up and breakdown of your event, all personnel must wear hi-vis (high visibility). Personnel not wearing hi-vis will not be permitted to work in the event area.


Any loss or damage that may occur during the show should immediately be notified to the Organisers and Security on-site. Please note that Exhibitor insurance policies do not cover stand contractors and any subsequent sub-contractors, and as such, contractors are now required to submit proof that they have adequate insurance cover.

We recommend that contractors erecting complex structures should have a minimum of £5,000,000 Public Liability and also must be able to provide proof of Employer Liability insurance. Contractors erecting standard structures should have a minimum of £2,000,000 Public Liability and also must be able to provide proof of Employer Liability insurance.

InEvexco can help assist you with your insurance requirements.
Tel: +44 (0) 1732 424 286

Public liability insurance should be sent to: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk

Internet & WiFi

General free Wifi is available at ACC Liverpool for general browsing. However, if an internet connection is integral for your stand, we strongly recommend a hard-wired connection as the most secure and reliable source of internet.

For all your Internet & IT Services please order via the on-line ordering:
Web: https://accliverpool-web.ungerboeck.com/selectsop/
Event ID: 30581

Key Contacts

Event Operations

Maelstrom Event Solutions Ltd
Global House, Shrewsbury Business Park, Sitka Drive, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Tel: +44 (0) 1743 606 744
Fax: +44 (0) 1743 606 749
E-mail: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk

For all other enquiries, including Sales, PR & Marketing please contact the show Organisers:

Exhibitor Support
0207 401 6033 (Option 3) exhibitors@hennikgroup.com

Exhibition Stand & Sponsorship Sales
Jake Tyler +44 (0) 20 7202 7480 j.tyler@hennikgroup.com

Marketing Team
0207 401 6033 (Option 5) marketing@hennikgroup.com

Lead Capture Data Scanners

You can order your Lead Capture Data Scanners through the Circdata Event Platform.

Massage & Hand-on Treatments

Special licenses will need to be obtained in advance. Please contact Maelstrom Event Solutions for further information.

Tel: +44 (0)1743 606744

Email: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk


If you intend to play music on your stand during the course of the exhibition, you are required by law to have a music licence.

The Performing Right Society (PRS)
Licence A PRS Licence is required for all exhibitors playing any form of music such as CDs, DVDs, video and
background music. The Performing Rights Society collects royalties on behalf of the composers. It is your responsibility to obtain a PRS licence, if you would like further information on obtaining the necessary licence, please contact the Public Performance Department on +44 (0)20 7580 5544 or go to www.prsformusic.com.

Video Performance Limited (VPL)
Video Performance Limited (VPL) is the UK organisation set up by the music industry in 1984 to administer the broadcast, public performance and dubbing rights in short form music videos.

A VPL licence is required for all exhibitors showing music videos in public. VPL collects royalties on behalf of its members.

It is your responsibility to obtain a VPL licence, if you would like further information on obtaining the necessary licence, please contact the Public Performance Department on + 44 (0)20 7534 1444 or go to www.ppluk.com/

Please note that the use of microphones on stands is prohibited. Music or video audio must be kept at a level that will not cause offence or inconvenience to other exhibitors.

Name Boards (Shell Scheme & Innovation Alley Exhibitors Only)

Each shell scheme stand & Innovation Alley stand is provided with a name board on which the company name is printed (maximum 34 characters). Please complete and submit the nameboard order form.

If you have not confirmed the company name to be displayed via the order forms by 14th October 2022 the name on your stand contract will be used on your fascia and you may be subject to a charge.

Please note stands of 6sqm or under will only receive 1 nameboard.


Any music played or noise generated by any other means must be kept at a level of volume that does not cause disturbance to other exhibitors.

Notification of Own Contractor

It is requested that exhibitors with Space Only sites notify the Organisers of their appointed contractors as soon as possible. Please note that Exhibitors are responsible for undertaking a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment with their contractors, specifically for the show.

When briefing your contractor, please ensure that they are aware of the stand building regulations specific to this show.

If you are using a stand build contractor, please fill out the Site Induction/Contractor Notification Form. This site induction is mandatory for everyone working onsite during the build-up and breakdown periods of the event.

Organisers’ Office

The Organisers' office at the front of the exhibition hall. The office will be open from 8.00 each day throughout the tenancy period.

Public Address

During the show open hours, the public-address system is not available to exhibitors or visitors. It is for the sole use of the Organisers and venue management for emergencies and official announcements and cannot be utilised for publicity purposes etc.

Regulations for Stand Building

Please view the stand building regulations documentation here.

Removal of Exhibits

Please do not remove any exhibits or begin to break down your stand until 1600 hrs on Thursday 17th November 2022. This will allow time for visitors to leave the building and facilitate safety and security.

The Halls will close at 21.00 hrs on the evening of Thursday 17th November 2022. All stand materials and exhibits for must be removed by this time.

If an exhibitor fails to vacate the premises by the allotted time the Organiser reserves the right to pass on any penalty charges levied by the hall owners.

Vehicles arriving at the venue for the break down should follow the same procedure as for the build-up.

NB Vehicles for the break down will not be scheduled. Priority will be given to cars and small vans during the early stages. Please ask your staff to co-operate with traffic marshals and security at all times.


Rigging is permitted to stands that are 18sqm and over.

If you are wanting to rig above your stand, please contact exhibitors@hennikgroup.com as it is subject to approval as there is limited availability. The air space will need to be purchased and an invoice will be issued from the organiser once the plans have been agreed.

Risk Assessments & Method Statements

All Exhibitors should please ensure that you submit the Health & Safety Declaration Form to Maelstrom Event Solutions.

All exhibitors must also ensure that their risk assessment covers the entire duration of the event i.e. build-up, the open period and breakdown.

Space only exhibitors must also ensure that the company responsible for building and dismantling their stand send a copy of their Risk Assessment and Method Statement when submitting stand plans to Maelstrom Event Solutions.

Please refer to the Health & Safety Section of this manual for guidelines and sample Risk Assessments/Method Statements.


Exhibitors planning any form of sampling of food/liquid products on their stand at the exhibition must advise the organisers.

Exhibitors may give away tasting samples of their products subject to the following conditions:
• Tea, coffee or soft drinks may not exceed 1.75 fluid ounces (50ml).
• Beers/Ciders or similar may not exceed 1.75 fluid ounces (50ml).
• Wine/Fortified wines/Champagne/Alcopops and similar may not exceed 0.9 fluid ounces (25ml).
• Spirits and similar may not exceed 0.18 fluid ounces (5ml).
• Unwrapped food - bite size portions.
• Individually wrapped items (for off-site consumption only).

Venue regulations state that all food and drink to be consumed on or given away from a stand (other than exhibitors own products) must be purchased from venue catering department, ACC Liverpool. Please use the Catering Form within the Order forms section.

Exhibitors may give away tasting samples of their products subject to the following conditions:
• Tea, coffee or soft drinks may not exceed 1.75 fluid ounces (50ml).
• Beers/Ciders or similar may not exceed 1.75 fluid ounces (50ml).
• Wine/Fortified wines/Champagne/Alcopops and similar may not exceed 0.9 fluid ounces (25ml).
• Spirits and similar may not exceed 0.18 fluid ounces (5ml).
• Unwrapped food - bite size portions.
• Individually wrapped items (for off-site consumption only).

If, in the opinion of the venue (Amadeus), an exhibitor contravenes these conditions and provides a significant level of hospitality catering or sampling from its stand, they reserve the right to charge the exhibitor a corkage or concession fee.


Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety and security of personnel and equipment the organisers cannot accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage or any consequential losses which may befall your personnel or their property.

The organisers will implement comprehensive security cover throughout our tenancy for Smart Factory Expo 2022. The following precautions will help reduce the risk of theft from your stand:
1. Be especially vigilant during the build-up and break down periods.
2. Ensure that your stand is manned well before the show opens and until all visitors have left at the close.
3. Secure items of value, particularly personal effects, mobile phones, handbags, briefcases, and laptop computers. These items are particular targets for petty thieves and should be kept secure
4. At night lock away items of value or if possible, take them with you
5. Utilise the secure store for overnight safe keeping of items of value.

Shell Scheme & Innovation Alley

Shell Scheme
We have appointed Exibit3Sixty as the official shell scheme contractor and will be using their Octanorm system.

Fascia panels are provided on open sides and supported with aluminium posts at the corners
and mid points, if necessary. Fascia infills will be in the colour of your exhibition
Name Board
The name panel will show company name and stand number. The maximum number of characters is 32. To order your Nameboard or please use the order form included in this manual.
Double-sided Velcro, sticky pads or double-sided tape can be used to fix lightweight exhibits to the foamex wall panels. Exhibitors will need to bring their own supply of these. Nails, screws and staples must not be used, as they damage the panels.

Innovation Alley
Innovation Alley will be built by Exhibt3Sixty.

The size of the stand area is big enough to accommodate 2 laptops or alternatively, a screen. We encourage you to make use of the stand space as you like as long as everything fits on the stand area only. Please be aware that no free-standing equipment will be allowed on the floor. If you have an exhibit bigger than the size of the stand that you would like to bring with you, please email exhibitors@hennikgroup.com.

Name Boards
The name panel will show company name. The maximum number of characters is 34. To order your Nameboard or please use the order form included in this manual.
The Innovation Alley Stands are 2.4m x 0.5m
Innovation Alley Visuals:

Site Rules & Site Induction

Please view the site rules and site induction documentation here.


The venue implements a non-smoking policy in accordance with UK Law, this also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping. Designated smoking areas are located outside the venue.

Special Effects

If you intend to incorporate special effects such as lasers or smoke machines in your display, Local Authority approval is required. Please contact the operations team for further advice.

Tell: 01743 606 744

Email: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk

Stand Plan Approval

Fully detailed and scaled plans must be submitted for all Space Only stands. Photographs, unclear faxed drawings or drawings from other exhibitions will not be accepted. All plans and associated documentation must be submitted in English. No stand may be constructed on-site without official approval. Upon confirmation from Maelstrom Event Solutions, no alterations can be made to the drawings submitted.

Copies of the scaled drawings must be submitted to Maelstrom Event Solutions no later than 30 days prior to the event.

All plans should include:
• All dimensions
• Building materials to be used
• A ground plan and elevation drawing
• The name, postal and email address and telephone number of the exhibitor, contractor or designer submitting the plans
• A copy of the Risk Assessment and method statement

For complex structures, a full copy of the structural calculations.

All plans should be sent to:

Maelstrom Event Solutions
Email: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk

If stand plans are not received together with the appropriate documentation from structural engineers (where necessary), stand building will not be allowed to begin until the organisers, and where necessary the venue, has approved them. Late submissions of plans can result in the venue failing to gain a licence for the show; therefore, the stand will not be allowed to be constructed.


There are no facilities for the storage of boxes, packing cases, sales literature etc and these must be removed before the end of build-up. Please contact Exhibit3Sixty if you require this service.

A secure store for small items of value will be provided, however space is limited. Please contact a member of the security team or the organisers' office to arrange for secure storage.

Please see the Freight Forwarding & Storage section of the manual.

Unusual Exhibits / Activities

If you are doing anything out of the ordinary on your stand, it is important that you notify the organisers to make sure that all necessary permissions are sought from the venue, Local Authority or any other parties.

Tel: 01743 606 744

Email: info@maelstromeventsolutions.co.uk

Vehicle Movement

The venue enforces a 5mph speed limit. Please do not park on hatched areas, Please follow the instructions of traffic marshals at all times and ensure you comply with venue traffic regulations at all times.

All forklift movement inside and outside of the hall must be carried out by the Organiser’s official logistics provider. Emergency gangways must be kept clear at all times to allow for venue cleaning tractors, forklift movement and emergency vehicles.

Working From Height

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 applies to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury. They place duties on employers, the self-employed and any person who contracts the work to other. New guidelines regarding safe practice must be observed.

Working at height requires appropriate management and safe working methods at all times. One of the most common causes of accidents within the halls is the use of the wrong height ladders or working at height without the correct equipment - standing on chairs etc.

• Industrial ladders only; which must be used as per manufactures instructions
• Inspect rungs and rails for damage each time they are used
• Ladders must have ‘industrial rating
• Stand no higher than on 2nd tread from top and user should not overreach
• Ladders for work over 4m are not permitted
• Set ladder on flat surface and ensure helper holds ladder from side

All accidents, incidents and near misses must be reported to the Organiser’s immediately. Stay safe on site; please click here for more information on the Stop-The-Drop campaign; in conjunction with the AEO, ESSA and AEV - www.stop-the-drop.co.uk

For more guidance, please refer to the eGuide The objective of the eGuide is to provide clear and straightforward guidance for achieving common standards of health, safety and operational planning, management and on-site conduct across UK event venues.

Recognised as the industry’s best practice document, the eGuide is continually reviewed by working industry professionals who represent the best advice currently available, and who themselves have to work within the guidelines in their own professional capacities.


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